Culture & Process


An enlightened approach to managing people and resources pervades the corporate culture at the Company. We believe in the philosophy of ‘Caring and Sharing’ as the basis towards building and developing a dedicated and committed team within the organization. We are conscious that ‘caring’ does not merely imply authorizing a large number of monetary ‘sops’ in an unhealthy competition to ‘outdo’ others in the field. On the other hand, it denotes a genuine interest and stake to provide each and every employee maximum satisfaction in meeting their development and professional needs, besides generating a feeling of dignity and well-being, both in their working environment as also in their personal life. Similarly, ‘sharing’ denotes the spirit of trust, faith and partnership that guides the management in winning the confidence of employees by sharing information and business plans.



The company thoroughly checks whether a candidate fits in with the culture of the company before being selected. Emphasis is placed on background of the candidates and all points of the application are verified by supporting documents.

Candidates can send in their resumes through the link provided.

The resumes are shortlisted by the HOD of the department for which the application has been made and HR department informs the candidates about the same.

At a suitable date, interviews take place and depending on your work profile, the interviews may be conducted separately by many people in the organization.